I've formed the duet 'MiAOW' with Saxophone player Olmo Cassibba. Electro-Pop-Jazz was the artistic direction i had in mind when producing the music. The band only lasted a year or so but we've managed to play a few gigs together and to make this video.



The first MiAOW show was the first time i have ever performed live in London, it happened in the back garden of number 1 Beck road in Hackney where i was living at the time. It was rather too loud for our neighbours on that summer Sunday afternoon but we've managed to finish our set just before a member of the police climbed up the wall to check what was going on. The best memory i have of the show is when a cat walked in the leaves on the top of the wall behind us as we started to play.

The first place i've moved into when i moved to London was located in Nunhead in South London near Telegraph Hill park. Back then, it was allowed to smoke indoors in public places. I was selling ice creams in West End's theaters for a job, my English was even poorer than i was.


When i was a teenager, i've formed the band 'Calvin' inspired by the comics 'Calvin & Hobbes' by Bill Watterson. Thanks to this band i  became less of an outcast in high school. My only regret is that i have never been good at skateboarding. Skateboarding and surfing were the coolest things on earth after music to me at the time but i've never been able to establish a balanced relationship with a board.